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Candidates considering the NeoGraft hair transplant system often ask Dr. Michael McCracken what the healing process entails. How long does it last? Is there pain? As with any surgery, every patient heals differently. However, Dr. McCracken, a facial plastic surgery specialist in Denver, is happy to tell interested NeoGraft candidates that one of the reasons why NeoGraft is so popular is that most of the time, recovery downtime is minimal. Here, Dr. McCracken goes into more detail about the NeoGraft healing process. Continue reading

shutterstock_167997380NeoGraft is an innovative way to transplant hair and create natural looking results. With a skilled hair transplant surgeon at the helm, the NeoGraft device can harvest large numbers of grafts quickly and with consistently excellent outcomes. If you are seeking a solution for hair loss, NeoGraft might be right for you. Here, Dr. Michael McCracken, who offers NeoGraft to Denver and Boulder patients at McCracken Eye and Face Institute, explains what typically happens during the treatment. Continue reading