How Hair Restoration Transforms Your Life

How Hair Restoration Transforms Your Life

While hair loss is a natural part of aging, it can make you look much older than you are. This can impact your confidence and make you feel less attractive. Despite hair loss being highly common among men, it still is a sore subject due to the negative connotations associated with being bald. There are helpful treatment options that can improve your hairline and help you feel like yourself again. Below you will find how hair restoration transforms your life and restores your confidence.

How Hair Restoration Transforms Your Life

Hair restoration can have a dramatic and positive impact on your life. Consider the following if you are thinking about hair restoration treatment.

  • Improved Confidence: Your confidence and self-esteem can be completely diminished with a receding hairline or a bald spot. This is because it makes you look much older than you are. Restoring your hair can help you feel better about yourself and ensure that you walk out the door feeling confident.
  • Professional Benefits: Appearance is an unspoken part of so many professions. Looking fresh and youthful is a major benefit in business, finance, law, sales, and so many other professions. Having a full head of hair can help you feel more confident, which can easily translate into professional success.
  • Physical Attractiveness: Having a full head of hair is seen as attractive as compared to a receding hairline or bald head. However, hair loss can completely change the way you look and are perceived. With hair restoration, you can look and feel so much better about your physical appearance.

Hair Restoration Treatment

Hair loss is completely natural as you age. However, there is no reason to live without hair forever. Hair restoration in Denver can completely transform and improve your life. Neograft is an advanced hair transplant technique that has proven to be highly effective. The procedure is simple as a surgeon will remove individual hair follicles manually from the back or sides of your head (often whichever area has the most hair). The hairs are removed using a suction wand that easily extracts them.

After removing the hairs, the surgeon then uses a tool that makes small incisions and implants the follicles into your head at the same time. This is highly beneficial as it reduces scarring and the risk for infection. Neograft treatment also reduces the amount of trauma to your hair follicles. This results in an increase in the survival rate of the transplanted hairs. Unlike traditional methods, Neograft has fewer complications, is significantly faster, and provides better patient results. The recovery process is also fast as most people are back to their daily routine within just 2 weeks.

The Impact of Hair Restoration

Due to the impact hair loss can have on your life, hair restoration treatment can improve your life. It’s important to get treatment early on and talk with a cosmetic surgeon to see if it is right for you. The first step in getting treatment is setting up a consultation with a skilled cosmetic surgeon. Most candidates are:

  • Over the age of 25
  • Have thick hair fibers
  • Have hair loss along the hairline
  • See hair loss not caused by stress or medication
  • Have a hair color similar to their skin color
  • And remain free from medical conditions that could impact the surgery

If you are interested Neograft to treat your hair loss contact the team at McCracken Eye and Face Institute for a consultation. They are skilled in hair restoration treatments and facial cosmetic surgery in Denver. Patients who have received the treatment have reported an increase in self-confidence due to the benefits of the procedure.