Does a Brow Lift Fix Hooded Eyes

Does a Brow Lift Fix Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are an unfortunate condition that arises when the skin of the upper eyelids begins to droop and sit low on the eyeball or when the eyelid simply has extra skin. This condition can have significantly negative impacts on an individual’s appearance. But does a brow lift fix hooded eyes?

Fortunately, there are several procedures in plastic surgery that can help to amend this condition and improve one’s appearance and vision. One of these procedures is an endoscopic brow lift.

Does a Brow Lift Fix Hooded Eyes

If you’re suffering from hooded eyes, take a look at this guide that describes how a brow lift could be the solution that you’re looking for.

What Are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes occur once the skin surrounding the upper eyelids begin to droop and sag. Once this occurs to a certain degree, the appearance of an individual begins to become impacted. In especially severe cases, the eyelid skin may begin to impact an individual’s ability to operate in day-to-day life due to the fact that their vision becomes obscured.

There are several different procedures that can help an individual with this pressing issue, with a brow lift being one of them. In severe cases of hooded eyes, a blepharoplasty may be called upon in order to adjust the eyebrow skin to more significant degrees. You’ll be able to discuss what type of treatment is right for you with your physician in a pre-surgical consultation.

Ptosis: Symptom of Severe Hooded Eyes

When the skin of the eyelids sag to the point that they begin to droop over the eyes and obstruct one’s vision, the condition is called ptosis. Ptosis is an aesthetic and medical condition that has the potential to greatly interfere with an individual’s ability to operate in daily life.

Ptosis can be influenced by those who have brows that sit higher in the forehead. Following this, a brow lift isn’t necessarily the procedure of choice for fixing this condition. Rather, blepharoplasty is called for in order to restore the patient’s eyesight. In this situation, ptosis has overtaken hooded eyes as the condition to be addressed.

However, In a situation where the eyelid skin has only progressed to the point that it can be diagnosed as hooded eyes, a brow lift is considered the procedure of choice.

What Occurs During a Brow Lift?

A high-quality brow lift can reduce and eliminate horizontal creases on the forehead and around the eyes, resulting in a more young and vibrant appearance for the entire face. Additionally, it can lessen the visibility of the vertical lines that appear between the eyes as time goes on.

Additionally, if one’s eyebrows have drooped over time, a brow lift can assist lift them to their natural position on the face, which can make one look many years younger. Combining a brow lift with other operations can give one’s appearance a boost that others will remark upon.

Amending Hooded Eyes with a Brow Lift

A brow lift is considered an effective method for amending the appearance of hooded eyes. This procedure has the potential to open the purview of the eyes, removing the excess skin that obscures one’s vision through hooded eyes.

In addition, a brow lift can be effectively combined with other types of procedures to fulfill a more comprehensive or synergistic appearance update. A brow lift can be easily combined with upper blepharoplasty, ptosis repair procedure, and other facial amendments to give a patient a full update to the appearance of their face.

If you’re interested in discussing whether or not you would benefit from having multiple procedures, you’ll be able to discuss with your physician your set of options with regards to your particular situation.

Recovering from a Brow Lift

The time you spend recovering after a brow lift is just as important as the actual surgery, much like any major medical procedure.

It may take a few weeks for brow lift effects to fully manifest. It’s also advised that you schedule a few days off from work so that your body has time to heal in the days right after your treatment.

Additionally, as you will probably be tired and exhausted following the surgery, it is advised that you make arrangements for a family member or friend to accompany you to the procedure and drive you home.

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