Most Common Reasons Why People Choose NeoGraft

Most Common Reasons Why People Choose NeoGraft

Nowadays, there is an overwhelming number of options available to treat hair loss, including over-the-counter creams like Rogaine, surgical hair plugs or even quality hairpieces. There’s one more option you may not have considered yet: NeoGraft, which uses the follicular transplant technique and has an astoundingly high success rate and thousands of satisfied patients.

Read on as Dr. Michael McCracken, a top rated NeoGraft provider at McCracken Eye and Face Institute, explains why the procedure has captured so much attention.

The technology is state of the art.
NeoGraft automates the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique. It takes healthy hair follicles from an area of your hair-bearing scalp and transplants them to areas that are thinning or balding, where they grow naturally. Automating the FUE process means there is less of a risk of damaging hair follicles; it also means a shorter and gentler procedure.

Natural-looking hair restoration results with no visible scarring.
With other hair transplant or hair growth methods, there is the concern that the new hair will look unsightly or unnatural. But because NeoGraft transplants your own hair follicles, the results look very natural and blend in with the rest of your hair. You can cut or style your hair just as you normally would, with no restrictions.

Other hair transplant methods require a large incision at the back of the scalp that can leave a large linear scar. But because of the way that NeoGraft harvests the hair follicles, you are not left with visible scars. No one has to know that you’ve had any hair restoration treatment.

The process is minimally invasive and gentle.
NeoGraft can be performed under local anesthesia and there are no scalpels, incisions or staples. Patients report very little discomfort (if any).

You can resume your normal activities quickly.
The recovery from NeoGraft is quite rapid. After taking it easy for approximately two weeks, you can resume work and your normal activities with very few restrictions.

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Dr. McCracken would be happy to share some of his patients’ incredible before-and-after NeoGraft transformations during a one-on-one consultation with you. Please call or email our practice today to schedule a NeoGraft consultation.