What to Expect During Blepharoplasty Recovery

Everyone’s recovery from blepharoplasty (a.k.a., eyelid surgery) is unique, based on factors such as their age, health, skin type and the specific procedure that was performed. Although Dr. Michael McCracken of McCracken Eye and Face Institute cannot predict with complete accuracy what your recovery will be like, he will provide detailed aftercare instructions and guidelines …


Commonly Asked Questions about Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is a very specialized and precise way to treat skin cancer while sparing healthy tissue. It is very normal to have questions about the procedure and what it entails. Below, Denver plastic surgeon Michael McCracken answers commonly asked questions about Mohs surgery.


5 Myths about Eyelid Surgery

Every year, thousands of adults have eyelid surgery (a.k.a., blepharoplasty) to restore a youthful appearance to the eye area. But despite how common eyelid surgery is, there are still myths and misinformation circulating about the procedure. In this post, Denver facial plastic surgeon Michael McCracken dispels the top five myths about eyelid surgery.


NeoGraft FAQs

Dr. Michael McCracken of McCracken Eye and Face Institute is pleased to offer the NeoGraft treatment to men and women struggling with hair loss. Below, the Denver facial plastic surgeon answers some of the most frequently asked questions about NeoGraft.


What Is the Healing Process Like after NeoGraft?

Candidates considering the NeoGraft hair transplant system often ask Dr. Michael McCracken what the healing process entails. How long does it last? Is there pain? As with any surgery, every patient heals differently. However, Dr. McCracken, a facial plastic surgery specialist in Denver, is happy to tell interested NeoGraft candidates that one of the reasons …


How Much Time Should I Take Off Work after Facial Plastic Surgery?

Having adequate time to recover from facial plastic surgery is critical to achieving your desired results. Rushing or abbreviating recovery can lead to complications and poor cosmetic outcomes. Because Dr. Michael McCracken receives so many questions about recovery and downtime after facial plastic surgery — particularly related to how much time to take off from …

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