Why Are My Eyebrows Sagging?

Why Are My Eyebrows Sagging?

Sagging eyebrows can be caused by a variety of factors. No matter what the cause, the effect of sagging eyebrows makes you look tired and much older than you are. You may wonder, why are my eyebrows sagging? It may be certain lifestyle factors, aging, or even genetics. Below you will find more information on the causes of eyelid sagging and how you can address the issue.

Why Are My Eyebrows Sagging?

Eyebrow sagging can be caused by a variety of factors. Below are some of the most common causes.


The effects of aging can impact your eyebrows. In fact, this is the most common cause of sagging eyebrows. Taking good care of your skin and addressing the early signs of aging can help. However, you may need cosmetic intervention to treat the issue.

Sun Damage:

Sun exposure impacts the collagen in your skin at it causes it to break down at a faster rate. Collagen helps your skin maintain its youthful flow. Sun exposure can damage your skin, especially the skin around your eyes, which can cause sagging.


Just like sun exposure, smoking can cause the healthy proteins in your skin to break down at a much faster rate. Smoking impacts the collagen and elastin in your skin. Similar to collagen, elastin helps keep your skin tight. When collagen and elastin break down at an accelerated rate it can negatively impact your skin.


Dehydration can drastically impact your skin. In fact, it can cause issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. It’s not only important to stay hydrated by drinking fluids, but it’s integral to have a healthy skincare routine that promotes hydration. Excessive drinking can also lead to dehydration so it’s important to drink responsibly.

Weight Loss:

Major weight loss can lead to sagging skin. If you gain a substantial amount of weight, your skin will likely stretch out. This includes the skin on your face and eyes. When you lose weight, it can result in skin sagging on your body and face, including your eyebrow area.


Sagging eyebrows can be caused by genetics. Family history impacts a variety of factors when it comes to your health and sagging skin is one of them. The structure and elasticity of your skin has been proven to be driven by genetics.

Ptosis Treatment in Denver

If you have saggy eyebrows, eyebrow ptosis treatment in Denver can improve the look of your eyes. The procedure is short as it takes just 30 minutes to complete. You will stay under IV sedation and receive local anesthetic during the procedure. The procedure itself involves small incisions in your eyelid crease, eyebrow, or behind your hairline, depending on your unique needs. Your eyelid muscles will be shortened to help tighten your eyebrow. This results in a more youthful look and can take years off your face.

The procedure happens on an outpatient basis so you can often go home the same day. The recovery period proves minimal compared to other procedures. While the first few days of your recovery should be focused on resting, you should be back to your daily routine within one week. You will have a follow-up appointment after your procedure to ensure the healing process is right on track. It’s is vital to follow your doctor’s post-operation instructions to ensure optimal results.

Facial Reconstructive Surgery in Denver

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