Top Skin Treatments for Men

Top Skin Treatments for Men

While men and women age differently, skincare rejuvenation and treatments aren’t just for women. Men can be proactive about their skincare regimen and treatments to keep natural aging from affecting their skin. While diet, exercise, and sleep can help slow down aging, there are helpful treatments men can utilize to ensure their skin looks youthful and well-rested. Below you will find the top skin treatments for men.


This procedure uses suction in conjunction with a mild chemical crystal formulation to remove the top layer of your skin cells. This makes it so that your skin looks more evenly textured and glowing. The treatment takes about thirty minutes, and there is little to no downtime. For the most effective results, multiple treatments are necessary.

Chemical Peel:

This treatment uses various chemicals to peel away the damaged layers of your skin, including surface lines and wrinkles. This can leave your skin looking smooth and youthful. Depending on the type of peel, it can take between thirty minutes to two hours. Again, depending on the peel, the downtime can take up to two weeks to heal or as little as no downtime. For the most effective results, multiple treatments are necessary.

Laser Treatments:

This skin rejuvenation procedure uses laser beams or other light-based devices to deliver short bursts of laser energy to your skin. It results in your skin looking more toned and firmer as it stimulates new collagen growth, minimizes fine lines, and makes you look refreshed and well-rested. The procedure requires several treatments for maximum results.

Botulinum Toxin:

While the rugged look has always been seen as an attractive male aesthetic, deep wrinkles are seen as a sign of aging. Botulinum Toxin treatments can temporarily paralyze the muscles in your face making it, so your fine lines don’t become deep wrinkles. The treatment takes roughly thirty minutes, and there is little to no downtime. It lasts around six months, so you’ll need to continuously get the treatment for effective long-term results.

Laser Hair Removal:

The procedure involves laser energy passing through the skin down to your hair follicle where the melanin pigment absorbs the laser causing injury to the follicle. This results in the hair falling out and making it difficult to grow again. The procedure can take as little as ten minutes or as long as a few hours. It depends on the coverage you are getting for the treatment. There is little to no downtime, but you will need to get numerous treatments to ensure your hair doesn’t grow back.

While these treatments can restore your youthful glow, they should be done in combination with a good skincare routine, healthy diet, and adequate exercise. Aging can slow down metabolism and leave you feeling sluggish and looking tired. Depending on your age, talk with a professional about your skincare routine. We advise asking what products you should use that are specific to your needs. Eat a balanced diet that is filled with healthy protein and fat, fruits and vegetables, and minimize processed foods. Stay hydrated as well as this can help with your skin’s elasticity. Lastly, get regular physical activity and spend at least three to four days each week exercising for at least thirty to forty-five minutes.

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