Top Reasons For Eyelid Revision Surgery

Top Reasons For Eyelid Revision Surgery

Below, we cover the top reasons for eyelid revision surgery our patients report. An eyelid revision surgery is a type of surgery that a patient undergoes in order to correct or revise the results from a previous eyelid surgery.

There are many reasons that a patient might choose to do this. Most have to do with some level of dissatisfaction that they have with the results of their initial eyelid surgery.

Top Reasons For Eyelid Revision Surgery

If you’ve recently received an initial eyelid surgery that you were unhappy with, or are just curious about the benefits that an eyelid revision surgery can offer, then here’s a guide detailing these elements of the revision surgery process.

What Is Revision Eyelid Surgery?

Revisional surgery is performed to correct some of the results of the first eyelid surgery that didn’t turn out exactly as expected.

Technically and medically speaking, a revision surgery proceeds in similar ways to how an initial eyelid surgery goes. Oftentimes, it’s actually a much simpler procedure, as much of the work that went into a patient’s initial eyelid surgery has already been performed.

Many initial eyelid surgeries deliver less-than-satisfying results because of the skill set of the surgeon who performed them. Amateurish surgeons, or those without the proper credentials, are bound to deliver results that are flawed.

It’s crucial to choose a reputable and high-caliber doctor when choosing one for your operation. Checking to check whether someone is board-certified by the ABPS is the simplest way to tell if they are of that caliber.

Correcting Drooping Eyelids

Eyelids that droop can be highly ugly. If they start to interfere with one’s vision, they may even start to become a mildly serious medical problem in some circumstances.

You might discover that this issue continues if your original eyelid surgery was unable to effectively tighten the skin around your eyes.

Fortunately, if the sagging of this area of skin was not well treated during the initial operation, eyelid revision surgery can reverse some of it. The different muscles that surround this part of the face contract, causing this to happen.

Inability to Blink or Shut Your Eyes

If you cannot blink or close your eyes, revision surgery may solve this issue as well. This usually happens if the first operation compressed the area surrounding the eyes too much. This would make it unable to completely close them.

This disorder, known as lagophthalmos, makes the eyes susceptible to infection as well as dust and debris. By filling in the areas around the eyes, a revision eyelid procedure can fix this error. The impacted areas regain flexibility as a result.

You Have Hollowness Under Your Eyes

When the surgeon mistakenly removes too much fat from the lower eyelids, this problem arises. Unfortunately, when this happens, the eyelids appear sunken, giving the patient a worn-out or vacant aspect.

These regions can be filled in using a variety of techniques during revision surgery. This improves the patient’s appearance and lends them a more vibrant glow.

Results such as these can defeat the purpose of receiving treatment at all. This brings a high number of patients back into the operating room to correct these mishaps.

Your Eyes Have a Strange Shape

This problem can frequently be found in worse-grade eyelid surgery. If too much of the eye whites are visible, this is a telltale sign that either too much or not enough skin was removed during the procedure.

By filling up the areas impacted by these problems, revision surgery can focus on specific problem areas and restore the natural contour of the eye.

Determining The Right Course for Your Own Revision Procedure

You must first visit your doctor for a pre-surgical consultation if you’re considering having a revision surgery.

This is your chance to talk about any worries you may have. You can also go over any aesthetic objectives you may have for the surgery. Also, you can express to your doctor during your appointment the particular aesthetic goals you have for your impending treatment.

You can also express your unique set of ideas for how your treatment will turn out, which you can change in tandem with your doctor to define your expectations for the next procedure. The outcome of your procedure will probably be stronger the more particular it is.

The Revision Eyelid Experts of Colorado

McCracken Eye and Face are Colorado’s trusted experts in both revision and initial eyelid surgeries. If you’ve had a blepharoplasty that you’re unhappy with, contact Dr. McCraken today in order to talk about having a revision surgery.