Top 5 Things You Should Know About Laser Resurfacing

Top 5 Things You Should Know About Laser Resurfacing

Skin is the largest organ on the body, and also the most vulnerable to the elements. Due to sun damage and aging, the skin can lose its elasticity. Adults with wrinkled or damaged skin are looking to invest in an advanced procedure known as laser resurfacing, which can restore the skin to its youthful glow.

At McCracken Eye and Face Institute, we are passionate about helping you be your elegant, glowing self on the inside and the outside. This cosmetic procedure is a great non-surgical skin treatment option for those who are looking to restore their look.

But before investing in this procedure, here are the top 5 things you should know about it.

1. How Does it Work?

This is a procedure that uses a technologically advanced laser to get rid of wrinkles and blemishes without leaving scars or hypopigmentation. Typically, patients elect to treat areas around the eyes or the mouth. However, laser resurfacing treats most of the face.

There are different types of lasers used in the resurfacing process. CO2 lasers are the traditional lasers used in skin resurfacing but at the office of Dr.

McCracken, we use stronger lasers that can make a bigger impact while leaving behind less scarring.

2. When is the Best Time to Get Laser Resurfacing?

The best time of year to get laser resurfacing is during the fall or winter seasons. This is because you are naturally spending less time outside in the sun’s harmful rays. Plus, the days are shorter, giving your skin a lot more time to heal and regenerate. Of course, the treatment is available throughout all times of the year should you choose to invest in the procedure at a different time.

3. Do Laser Resurfacing Treatments Hurt?

Most patients do not feel much pain during the treatment process. However, some patients report feeling a sensation similar to a rubber band snapping on the skin. This pain does not last long, especially during the recovery process.

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery recommends that you consult with your doctor, who has training and experience using laser resurfacing techniques, before scheduling your procedure.

4. Does it Work on Dark Skin?

There is a common myth that laser treatments do not work on people with darker skin tones. However, it is not only people with lighter skin that can benefit from this advanced procedure. It actually has to do with which type of laser is used.

Some lasers do pose a higher risk for discoloration in darker skin. However, experienced doctors know how to perform this procedure without damaging darker skin types. You are not necessarily precluded from this procedure due to the color of your skin.

5. Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Resurfacing?

Almost any adult can be a good candidate for laser resurfacing treatment. This is an especially good idea for you if you:

  • Have wrinkles around your mouth, eyes, or forehead
  • Have defined lines all over your face
  • Are dealing with leftover scars from acne
  • Aren’t seeing positive results after a facelift
  • Do not have stretch marks

Candidacy is determined on an individual basis, so it’s important to have a chat with your laser resurfacing specialist before investing in the procedure.

Get Advanced Laser Resurfacing with McCracken Eye and Face Institute!

For professional and long-lasting results, invest in Dr. McCracken’s advanced laser procedures. We’ve moved away from traditional CO2 lasers and onto something that is more effective and comprehensive. You can enjoy rejuvenated, youthful skin free of wrinkles or age lines. Whether you have acne scarring or blemishes due to sun damage, our techniques can help restore your skin to its wrinkle-free glow.

We are available for consultation at any time. To learn more, contact us online or give us a call at (720) 851-6600.