How Old Should Asian Eyelid Patients Be?

How Old Should Asian Eyelid Patients Be?

Dr. McCracken offers several specialty surgeries for patients looking to reduce the sagging skin on their eyelids. Those with a monolid are typically good candidates for Asian blepharoplasty, which adds a natural crease to the eyelid and creates a refreshing and youthful look. While each session of Asian eyelid surgery looks completely different for each patient, techniques typically include lifting eyelid muscles, removing excess skin, and treating affected tissues surrounding the eyes. But how old should Asian eyelid patients be?

How Old Should Asian Eyelid Patients Be?

While many of our patients can qualify for this procedure, there are still a lot of important questions left unanswered. How does Asian blepharoplasty work? How old should Asian eyelid patients be? What cosmetic changes can be expected from this type of procedure? Keep reading as we answer these questions below, and do not forget to contact Dr. McCracken to start your personal journey toward cosmetic wellness today.

How Asian Eyelid Surgery Works

When a patient becomes a good candidate for this procedure, they can then choose between one of the two different techniques that our medical professionals use to create the perfect look. The most common procedure involves a small surgical incision to form a new crease in the eyelids. Scars mostly or completely hidden after healing is complete.

The second version of this surgery does not require a full incision. Though sutures are used to piece together the final look. Anyone with excess skin or eyelid tissue will likely need to have the full surgical option to get the best results. Some patients look for a cosmetic change. But they do not have excess skin on the eyelids. Then they usually enjoy results with just sutures rather than an entire surgical intervention.

Looks and Results

Some patients express concern that an Asian blepharoplasty is designed to create eyes that look more Caucasian. However, our medical team handles every patient’s case with extreme care and respect, offering ways to flatter the natural face without making it look like something else. These double eyelid surgeries are often a go-to procedure for those looking to add something new to their eyelids, and it is done in a safe and effective way to boost self-confidence for years to come.

Age Requirements of Asian Eyelid Surgery Patients

Asian eyelid surgery, also called Asian blepharoplasty, is a bit different from other forms of blepharoplasty performed on non-Asian patients. A lot of people seek eyelid lift procedures to reduce the effects of drooping or sagging lids. But the purpose of Asian blepharoplasty is to add a crease rather than remove it. Therefore, the age requirements may not be as strict as with traditional lid lift procedures.

Asian eyelid patients are typically at least 18 years of age. Though they do not need to be elderly or show signs of aging. Again, this specific type of surgery is used to add more skin and volume to the eyelids, rather than removing it. Therefore this works not as an anti-aging treatment but as a cosmetic choice. As long as the patient is a consenting adult in good overall health and with the emotional aptitude to go through with a procedure like this, then they are likely to be approved for this treatment.

Recovery Time and Results

Since there are multiple techniques involved, it can be difficult to accurately predict the recovery timeline. But on average, patients are able to see stunning results just a few months after the day of the surgery. Recovery is a straightforward process, with some pain and swelling present for a week or so. Your doctor will give you a list of post-op instructions that you can follow closely to make sure there are no further complications.

Anyone who gets the suture technique rather than a full surgery will likely have fewer recovery requirements. For example, there is minimal swelling and pain expected since no surgical incisions were made. Not only is the recovery timeline much faster, but unlike surgery, the suture treatment is completely reversible.

Learn More About Asian Eyelid Surgery Today

Asian blepharoplasty is a specialty surgery that involves the addition of an extra crease above the fold of the lids. This can maximize the volume of the face and accentuate all of the natural features that make someone look beautiful.

Do you want to learn more about all of our different double eyelid surgery options? Make sure to contact Dr. McCracken and our team of friendly professionals at your earliest convenience. After an initial consultation, you can get set up with the surgery of your choice and completely transform the look of your face in just a few months. Reach out now to learn more!