Complete AccuTite Guide

Complete AccuTite Guide

Skin sagging and excess fat can impact your appearance. While there are a number of cosmetic surgeries that can address these issues, alternative treatments are available for those who don’t want to get surgery just yet. Skin tightening is highly effective and can help lift, tighten, and improve your overall experience. Below you will find the complete AccuTite Guide.

Complete AccuTite Guide

AccuTite is a highly effective skin-tightening treatment. The treatment utilizes advanced technology that tightens your skin and liquifies your fat cells. The liquified fat cells are either absorbed by your body and removed naturally or are removed via needle aspiration. A double-sided probe is used to deliver the radiofrequency both internally and externally. People often refer to it as “shrink wrapping” as it essentially tightens and melts away fat on the areas where it’s applied.

AccuTite Treatment Areas

AccuTite treatment can be used on your face and body, depending on your needs. Consider the following treatment areas and their respective benefits.


Sagging brows can impact the look of your eyes and your overall facial aesthetic. AccuTite can help lift and improve the appearance of your brows to reveal a more refreshed look.

Periorbital Area:

Your upper and lower eyelids can show the signs of aging early on due to how thin and delicate the skin is. AccuTite can help reduce the signs of aging and improve the look of your upper and lower eyelids.

Nasolabial Folds:

These are often referred to as “laugh lines” and they are folds that run from the side of your nose and down to your mouth. AccuTite can smooth out this area and improve the look of your skin.

Lower Face:

The lower third of your face can have laugh lines, also referred to as “marionette lines,” that can make you look much older. Addressing this issue with AccuTite is a great minimally invasive option.


The area around your neck can age quickly if you don’t apply skincare or SPF. AccuTite can revitalize the look of your neck which can take years off of your face.

Bra Fat:

Also referred to as “armpit fat,” bra fat can be much more obvious while wearing a bra. AccuTite’s fat melting benefits can effectively smooth out this area.

Upper Arms:

The natural aging process can come with excess arm fat. This impacts both men and women, and can be addressed through AccuTite.


Because your hands are exposed to so much, they can often age faster than other areas. Sun damage, hand washing, and avoiding skincare on your hands can result in your hands looking much older. AccuTite can effectively address the signs of aging that impact your hands.


Pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and the natural aging process can leave your stomach looking less than glamorous. AccuTite can improve the appearance of your stomach as it tightens and melts fat.


Your upper thigh area can develop unwanted pockets of fat and sagging skin as you get older. This area can be enhanced by diet and exercise, but AccuTite is necessary to fully transform the area.

AccuTite Treatment

AccuTite in Denver is a safe and effective cosmetic treatment. The first step in moving forward with the treatment is setting up a consultation. ONce it has been determined that you are a good candidate, you can schedule your appointment. On the day of the procedure you will be provided local anesthetic. Once you are numb, the probe is inserted under your skin in the treatment area and the electrode is placed under the surface of your skin. The procedure itself takes only 15 minutes to an hour.

AccuTite Results

Your results are long-lasting as AccuTite can last up to a decade. This requires taking good care of your skin and overall health. Working with a cosmetic surgeon can help you achieve your desired results. Many patients combine AccuTite with facial cosmetic surgery in Denver for maximum results.