Can You Undo Dermal Fillers?

Can You Undo Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers can help diminish facial lines and restore the natural volume in your face. Natural aging can cause your face to lose fat, which means that your facial muscles are closer to the surface of your facial skin. This can make your lines and creases much more visible. Your skin also stretches as you age, which can add to the loss of volume in your face. While many people opt for dermal fillers, they aren’t always happy with the results. This is not because the treatment option doesn’t work great. It likely means their surgeon didn’t provide the best treatment specific to their individual needs.They might wonder, can you undo dermal fillers?

The good news is if you are unhappy with the results of your dermal fillers, a skilled cosmetic surgeon can help make corrections and improve the outcome.

Options to Address Issues with Dermal Fillers

If you have fillers and are unhappy with the results, it’s time to find a new surgeon. You do not want to return to the same place for help as more damage may occur. With that, your surgeon should be a board-certified cosmetic surgeon that is experienced in injectables. However, if you have fillers that you are unhappy with, the following treatment options are available.


If your fillers are slightly lumpy or there is some asymmetry, they can often be improved by massaging the area. Your surgeon can provide the massage or teach you how to do it on your own.


Hyaluronic acid fillers can be partially or completely removed with an enzyme called hyaluronidase. When the enzyme is injected into the affected area, it dissolves the hyaluronic acid particles. This can correct overfilling, subpar results, excessive or prolonged swelling, and lumpy or irregular texture (unresponsive to massage). While the enzyme will effectively break up the filler, it can sometimes break it up completely. For those who want some filler to remain, you may need to get an additional treatment. One drawback of the enzyme is an allergic reaction. The product tends to be made from animal derivatives, so certain patients are not good candidates due to the possibility of an allergic reaction. This can be discussed with your surgeon to ensure you are a good candidate.

Steroid Injection:

For non-hyaluronic acid fillers, a steroid injection may help reverse the effects. This cannot be used by everyone, so consult your surgeon to see if you are a good candidate.


While you may not want to wait an entire year for the filler to fade naturally, it is an option. Another option is to have a board-certified surgeon add another filler to even things out.

What to Know Before You Get Fillers

Whether you have already had fillers or are considering them, it’s essential to know what they can and cannot do for your face. Dermal fillers are an excellent option for plumping up thin lips, enhancing shallow contours, softening wrinkles and lines, and decreasing or removing the shadow on the lower lids. They can help with the early signs of aging. However, fillers cannot achieve the same results that a facelift, brow lift, or eye lift would if the signs of aging are more advanced. Having the right expectations for fillers is important. Also, having a board-certified surgeon that listens to your expectations and provides you with realistic options and results is the most important factor in the process.

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