Is a Brow Lift Painful?

Is a Brow Lift Painful?

A brow lift is an incredibly effective way to elevate a sagging brow line into a more youthful-looking position and to diminish the amount of wrinkles on the forehead. Dr. Michael McCracken of McCracken Eye and Face Institute is a trusted brow lift surgeon who receives many inquiries about the procedure. One of the commonly asked questions is, “Does a brow lift hurt?” The short answer is that pain is not usually a problem with brow lift. However, Dr. McCracken delves deeper into the answer in this blog post.  

The Surgery Itself

The procedure itself is not painful for the patient. Dr McCracken uses a variety of minimally invasive techniques which use small incisions to help optimize the patient experience.   The endoscopic approach utilizes incisions behind the hairline to elevate the brow.  Other approaches may involve incisions in the eyebrow hairs, the eyelid crease, or forehead wrinkles.  Usually, anesthesia and sedation medications are used to numb the patient’s face and prevent them from feeling anything during surgery. As the anesthesia wears off after the operation, the patient may feel a sensation of “tightness” from ear to ear across the top of the head and brow. Or they may experience headache-like symptoms.

The Recovery

The post-operative recovery period is not very painful, either. The headache-like symptoms may persist for a day or two, but the discomfort generally subsides quickly. The face may feel mildly sore, tender or tight and there may be swelling of the forehead extending to the eyelids and cheeks. Dr. McCracken may prescribe pain medication to be taken as needed during the initial recovery. After a few days, most patients switch to over-the-counter pain relief, such as Tylenol. Total recovery time is typically one to two weeks, with the swelling and bruising resolving within 7 – 10 days or so. Dr. McCracken asks his patients to refrain from strenuous activity or exercise for about three weeks. If a patient experiences significant pain or the discomfort lasts longer than a few weeks, it could indicate a rare complication. In these cases, the patient is encouraged to contact Dr. McCracken and schedule a prompt examination.

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