Avoiding a Pulled or Surprised Look after Eyelid or Eyebrow Surgery

Avoiding a Pulled or Surprised Look after Eyelid or Eyebrow Surgery

Nowadays with all of the excellent, experienced doctors practicing facial plastic surgery, there’s no reason why someone seeking eyelid or eyebrow surgery should end up looking perpetually surprised, pulled or frozen. There are so many talented surgeons with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver beautiful results that don’t distort a person’s natural facial expressions. Unfortunately, inexperienced or careless doctors can make critical mistakes during surgery that compromise the results of surgery.

Here, top rated facial plastic surgeon Michael McCracken discusses some of the missteps that can lead to a patient looking pulled or surprised after surgery.

Removing Too Much Eyelid Skin

The first mistake that an inexperienced or careless plastic surgeon can make during blepharoplasty is removing too much eyelid skin. Excess sagging skin, along with excess fat and loose muscles can give the eyes a fatigued, sad or aged expression, and a critical part of the blepharoplasty procedure is removing some of the excess skin. Unfortunately surgeons lacking the proper experience may remove too much skin, leading the eyes looking wide-open and surprised.

In the most egregious cases of removing too much skin, patients may be unable to completely close their eyes after blepharoplasty. This complication can make everyday tasks like showing or sleeping very difficult.

Overly Elevating the Eyebrows

Another mistake that can lead to a patient looking frozen or unnatural is lifting the eyebrows or hairline too high during brow lift surgery. This is especially true in male patients that have a naturally low brow. An experienced surgeon like Dr. McCracken understands how slightly lifting the eyebrows just a few millimeters can have a noticeable yet pleasant-looking effect, and open up a person’s entire face.

A Great Surgeon Is the Key to Natural-Looking Results

The quality of facial plastic surgery results hinges on the skill and experience of the surgeon. If you are considering a procedure like eyelid lift or brow lift, you owe it to yourself to select a surgeon that is not only qualified for your particular case, but also understands your goals of surgery and can tailor treatment accordingly.

Dr. McCracken is a fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon with years of experience treating cosmetic concerns of the eyelids, eyebrows and face. He has the training and the skills necessary to create a more youthful and attractive look while preserving natural facial expressions. Dr. McCracken will consult with you prior to surgery to understand your objectives and tailor a treatment plan to your unique needs.

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