Are There Any Side Effects of NeoGraft?

Are There Any Side Effects of NeoGraft?

As a potential NeoGraft patient, you have a responsibility to yourself to research the procedure and educate yourself about every aspect, including the risk of side effects. Only after having all of this information can you make a truly educated decision about moving forward. Read on as NeoGraft provider Michael McCracken outlines some of the possible treatment side effects.

What NeoGraft Accomplishes

Before discussing potential side effects of NeoGraft, let’s briefly review how NeoGraft works. NeoGraft uses an automated version of the follicular unit extraction method. Small groups of individual hair follicles are removed from areas of hair-bearing scalp (such as the back of the head) and implanted in balding or thinning areas of the scalp, such as the hairline. Once the follicles have been transplanted, they begin to grow there naturally.

Potential Side Effects

Spotting or Bleeding

Spotting or light bleeding at the donor or recipient areas is common after treatment. This is nothing to be concerned about, and usually ceases with the application of light pressure.


Scabbing at the recipient areas is also a common, albeit minor side effect. About three to four days after treatment, the graft sites will scab over as part of the normal transplantation process. As long as these grafts are protected from the sun and wind while they heal, there should not be any serious complications.


Pain during and after NeoGraft is very rare. Patients tend to describe the process as uncomfortable rather than painful or unbearable. Taking an over-the-counter medication like Tylenol or Advil can reduce the risk of discomfort during and after the NeoGraft procedure.


There is the possibility of swelling post-operatively if you engage in strenuous exercise or other activities. For this reason, we encourage you to take it easy for about two weeks after your procedure.


As with any surgical procedure, infection is always a possible side effect. However, Dr. McCracken and our team take steps to mitigate the risk of infection for a safe, successful procedure.

Learn More about NeoGraft

If you are struggling with mild to moderate hair loss and interested in the NeoGraft hair restoration procedure, Dr. McCracken would be happy to give you more information during a one-on-one consultation. Please call (720) 851-6600 or email McCracken Eye and Face Institute today to make an appointment with Dr. McCracken.