3 Ways Lasers Can Refresh Your Skin

3 Ways Lasers Can Refresh Your Skin


Laser skin resurfacing is a non-surgical treatment that uses light energy to rejuvenate aging or blemished skin. In the hands of an experienced, knowledgeable professional like Dr. Michael McCracken, laser skin resurfacing is a safe way to enjoy younger and healthier looking skin. One of the advantages of laser skin resurfacing is that it yields great results with significantly quicker recovery times than surgical treatments.

Here, Denver plastic surgeon Dr. McCracken reveals three specific ways that lasers can improve the appearance of your skin.

Smoothes Lines and Wrinkles

Laser skin resurfacing uses light energy to vaporize the outer layer of damaged skin, or create tiny injuries in the skin to trigger the body’s injury response. As this happens, the laser simultaneously heats the deeper layers of the skin, called the dermis, to stimulate the production of fresh collagen fibers and elastin. One of the benefits of fresh collagen is that it fills in noticeable facial lines and wrinkles for smoother, softer skin.

Reduces the Appearance of Noticeable Blemishes

Laser resurfacing is an excellent way to address pigmentation problems in the skin, like age spots, acne scars or hyperpigmentation. Certain wavelengths of laser energy can be used to break up concentrated areas of pigment in the age spots or acne scars, without damaging the skin’s surface. Eventually, the issue fades from view.

Tightens Loose Skin

As mentioned, laser skin resurfacing can create smoother skin; it can also tighten loose skin around the face and neck. (It is most effective on patients with mildly loose skin.) The laser gently heats the deeper layers of collagen under the surface of the skin, causing it to constrict, without disrupting the surface of the skin. As the collagen constricts, the overlying skin tightens. Facial plastic surgeons see particularly great results with laser treatment for sagging jowls along the jawline.

Discuss Laser Skin Resurfacing with Dr. Michael McCracken

For the safest and most effective results, laser skin resurfacing should be performed by someone with many years of experience and extensive knowledge about the applications of laser treatment.

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