Signs You Are a Good Candidate for Eyelid Surgery

Signs You Are a Good Candidate for Eyelid Surgery

The eyes play a crucial role in our facial expressions and overall appearance. If you’ve noticed your eyes look sad, angry or tired no matter how rested you are, consider eyelid surgery with Dr. Michael McCracken of McCracken Eye and Face Institute. Here, the trusted facial surgeon in Denver describes some signs that indicate you may benefit from the procedure.

Your Upper Eyelids Are Droopy

Is the skin on your upper eyelids loose, stretched-out and wrinkled? Do your eyelids feel heavy all the time? Does your forehead get tired from lifting up your eyebrows to see?  Eyelid surgery may help. In addition to improving the appearance of the lids, it also eliminates “heaviness” caused by excess skin. During the procedure, Dr. McCracken trims excess upper eyelid skin and tightens the remaining skin.

You Turn Your Head to See Things Clearly

Sometimes the stretched-out, loose skin on the upper eyelids can hang over the lash line and actually block vision. This often happens at the outer edges of the eyelid and blocks peripheral vision. Some people must turn their heads in order to see clearly. Blepharoplasty remedies this problem and removes the obstruction for clearer peripheral vision.

You Pull Up on Your Eyebrows Just to Apply Makeup

When the upper eyelid skin is especially loose, it can obscure the crease of the eyelid that many women like to define with makeup. The surplus of skin can also make it difficult to apply eyeliner or mascara to the upper lids. Some women find that the only way to apply makeup is to pull up on the eyebrows to lift the lids. Blepharoplasty eliminates redundant skin, and restores and defines the crease. Makeup can be applied more smoothly and evenly after surgery.

Your Lower Lids Are Puffy or You Have Under-eye Bags

Wrinkling around the outer creases of the eyes, as well as puffy under-eye bags can create a perpetually sad or tired appearance. Eyelid surgery smoothes these creases and fixes under-eye puffiness and bags for a more youthful and more rested appearance.

You Want Long-Lasting Results

If you are able to address some of your eye-related cosmetic concerns with injectables but want more permanent results, eyelid surgery may be a good idea. Injections can address some early aging changes but not all of them, and only temporarily. Blepharoplasty provides long-lasting results.

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