What Is the Healing Process Like after NeoGraft?

What Is the Healing Process Like after NeoGraft?

Candidates considering the NeoGraft hair transplant system often ask Dr. Michael McCracken what the healing process entails. How long does it last? Is there pain? As with any surgery, every patient heals differently. However, Dr. McCracken, a facial plastic surgery specialist in Denver, is happy to tell interested NeoGraft candidates that one of the reasons why NeoGraft is so popular is that most of the time, recovery downtime is minimal. Here, Dr. McCracken goes into more detail about the NeoGraft healing process.

Post-Op Side Effects

NeoGraft is used to perform the follicular unit extraction, or FUE, method. This involves extracting individual hair follicles from a donor area of thick hair, and transplanting them into the areas of need.

After surgery, NeoGraft patients usually have some swelling in both the donor and recipient areas, mostly occurring three to five days after treatment. This may cause slight discomfort but is typically not painful. Dr. McCracken can prescribe medication if needed. Patients normally also have some scabbing at the extraction sites that takes about 10 or so days to resolve. The scabs flake off on their own. If the recipient area has some hair present, it can camouflage the tiny wounds and scabs.

There may be a little bit of bleeding for a day or two after NeoGraft treatment, but it is very minor.

Resuming Normal Activities

It’s important to be cautious around the transplanted areas and grafts so they can heal properly. As far as resuming work and other normal activities, the timeline varies by patient. Some patients don’t mind others noticing scabs or wounds and answering curious questions; they can return to work and socializing within two to three days. Other patients don’t want anyone to know that they had surgery and wish to avoid curious looks or questions; in that case, they may take about a week or so off from work and socializing until the wounds and scabs heal.

Contact Dr. Michael McCracken

Dr. McCracken is available at any time during a patient’s NeoGraft recovery to answer questions or address individual concerns. He is also happy to sit down with interested candidates and explain the treatment process in more detail.

To book a consult with Dr. McCracken, please call or email McCracken Eye and Face Institute today.