Eyelid Lift without Surgery – Is It Possible?

Eyelid Lift without Surgery – Is It Possible?

The Internet abounds with do-it-yourself tricks and “life hacks” that promise great results. Think of Pinterest, which is cluttered with “make your own laundry detergent” or “100 ways to use washi tape” links. Cosmetic improvements are no exception — there are websites devoted to reportedly natural, at-home methods of tightening and lifting skin and reducing wrinkles.


As a reputable eyelid surgeon in Denver, Colorado, Dr. McCracken is often asked whether droopy eyelids can be lifted without surgery. Despite dubious articles claiming otherwise, there is no product, food or exercise that can improve the elasticity and quality of the eyelid skin.


Here, Dr. McCracken shares some of the Internet’s wackiest “natural eyelid lift” suggestions and why they do not work.

Natural Techniques That Don’t Work

  • Egg whites: Certain websites claim that rubbing egg white over the eyelid crease tightens and firms the skin. Not only is this not true, but most people do not want to walk around smelling of egg.
  • Cucumber slices: You may see people wearing cucumber slices over their eyes at the spa, but if you lift the slices, their eyelids don’t look any tighter or firmer. Cucumber has special acids that prevent water retention and can cut down on puffiness, but they won’t lift the skin at all.
  • Ice mask: Some claim that the cooling effect of an ice mask has a tightening effect on the eyelids. While ice can reduce swelling and puffiness, it cannot lift or tighten the skin.
  • Eye makeup: Applying eyeliner and eyeshadow might help to accentuate the beauty of the eyes but cosmetics have no bearing on the elasticity of the eyelid skin. Furthermore, some women mistakenly apply makeup in a way that makes them look even older.
  • Eye lifting exercises: Eyelids are not like the abdominal or leg muscles; the skin won’t respond to special moves like flexing or raising the eyebrows. Save yourself time by avoiding exercises or any special at-home devices that claim to tighten the skin.

Get the Anti-Aging Results You Want

The most effective way to lift and tighten droopy eyelids is through upper or lower eyelid surgery. Patients love the results they can achieve through eyelid surgery and for the most part, surgery is very well tolerated. The recovery is relatively rapid and complications are rare.


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