Is Your Eye Makeup Routine Aging You?

Is Your Eye Makeup Routine Aging You?

Makeup is designed to accentuate our best features while downplaying problematic ones. However, when applied carelessly or incorrectly, makeup can sabotage our efforts to look great and add years to the appearance of the face.


To help you determine whether your eye makeup routine is working for you or against you, Dr. Michael McCracken and the team at McCracken Eye and Face Institute share some aging makeup mistakes and recommend how to fix them.

Common Makeup Mistakes

Lining the bottom eyelid only. Applying eyeliner to the bottom eyelid without lining the top eyelid makes the eyelids look smaller, and drags the features down. Beauty experts recommend applying a thin line of gel or pencil product to the top eyelid. Avoid making too thick of a line. Smudge the liner with the end of a Q-tip for a subtle result.


Ignoring the brows. Full, defined eyebrows are important to frame the face. However, age and years of over-plucking can thin the brows, leaving them looking sparse and undefined. Use a pencil or brow powder to fill in and define brows for a fresh, youthful appearance.


Packing on undereye concealer. Concealer is great for erasing undereye circles, but some women go overboard and pack on product. This can highlight lines and wrinkles and make the eyes look older and exhausted. Use a lightweight formula and apply it with a light touch; don’t forget to blend it after you apply.


Using bright or dark eyeshadow colors. Eyeshadows that are too bright or too dark can draw attention to aging eyes and settle into fine lines and wrinkles. Use a soft, matte shadow to accentuate the eyes without calling attention to lines. Apply an extra coat of mascara to darken and lengthen the lashes.

How We Can Reverse the Signs of Aging

If, after making the recommended makeup tweaks, you don’t see any anti-aging effects, we have good news. McCracken Eye and Face Institute offers a range of cosmetic procedures designed to take years off of the appearance of the face. With treatments like eyelid lift, facelift, laser skin resurfacing and injectables, our facial plastic surgery denvar can minimize signs of aging and restore a radiant glow to the face.


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