Brow Lift Questions Every Patient Should Ask

Brow Lift Questions Every Patient Should Ask

The first step on your brow lift journey is an in-person consultation with a facial plastic surgeon to discuss the procedure and have your questions and concerns addressed. Any experienced and reputable surgeon should answer your questions in detail so you feel confident you have the information you need to make smart decisions about your care.

To help you get the most out of your consultation, Dr. Michael McCracken at McCracken Eye and Face Institute suggests you ask your surgeon the following questions:

What approach will you take to my surgery?
Ask your surgeon to explain the approach they will take to your brow lift, based on your unique anatomy and your personal reasons for having surgery. How do they plan to deliver your desired results?

Where will my surgery be performed?
Inquire about the facility where your operation will be performed. Is it a hospital or surgery center? Is it accredited? Brow lift is generally performed on an outpatient basis, but how long can you expect to stay at the facility on the day of surgery?

What will my recovery entail?
Dr. McCracken will provide a general timeframe for recovery — i.e., when can you expect to resume work, exercise and socializing? What are common side effects during the recovery process? What does the surgeon recommend you do to make the recovery go smoothly?

Will I have scarring?
In most facial plastic surgery procedures, the incisions are created in skin creases/folds and other hidden areas so that any scarring should not be noticeable. It’s still a good idea to ask your surgeon to clarify whether you are likely to have visible scarring from brow lift.

Are the results permanent?
Brow lift reverses the signs of aging but it doesn’t stop the aging process altogether. Your surgeon should be able to explain how long you can expect to enjoy the benefits of surgery.

Are there other procedures that can complement the results of brow lift?
Ask your surgeon whether they recommend any adjunct procedures to accentuate the results of surgery. Perhaps you could benefit from a surgical or non-surgical treatment to smooth out the skin around your eyes or address sagging or puffy eyelids.

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