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Facial Nerve Palsy

Facial Nerve Palsy Treatment

The facial nerve causes the eye to close and also lifts the eyebrow.

In patients with facial nerve palsy, the facial nerve has been damaged, which affects the movement of the facial muscles. This can have a number of effects on the eye. The upper eyelid may not come down when the patient tries to close the eye, the lower eyelid may roll out, and the eyebrow may droop. These conditions may cause significant discomfort, decreased vision, tearing, and even eye infections.

Dr. Michael McCracken can treat facial nerve palsy in several different ways. To help the upper eyelid close, Dr. McCracken can place a gold weight in the upper eyelid. The weight will be carefully calibrated so that it provides enough weight to passively close the eyelid when the patient is not trying to keep the eye open. The gold weight can be placed through an incision hidden in the upper eyelid crease.

To treat problems in the lower eyelid, Dr. McCracken can surgically tighten the lower lid through an incision hidden in the outside corner of the eye (“crow’s feet”).

To treat drooping of the eyebrow, Dr. McCracken can lift the eyebrows by a variety of techniques. These may involve incisions in the eyelid crease, in the eyebrow, or behind the hairline.

The duration of the procedure will depend on the problems that need to be treated. In most cases, the procedure will be performed in the operating room with the patient under IV sedation. Most patients can resume normal activities, including wearing makeup and contacts, within a week.

Dr. McCracken will meet with you to assess your individual situation and discuss any possible risks that you may experience. Request an appointment online or call the McCracken Eye and Face Institute today at 720-729-3988 to set up an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Michael McCracken.

qt-imgIn September I had an accident which vertically split my upper right eyelid. Dr. McCracken’s office made room to see me on an emergency basis and scheduled me for surgery a few days later…

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