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Having adequate time to recover from facial plastic surgery is critical to achieving your desired results. Rushing or abbreviating recovery can lead to complications and poor cosmetic outcomes.

Because Dr. Michael McCracken receives so many questions about recovery and downtime after facial plastic surgery — particularly related to how much time to take off from work — he wants to discuss it in detail. Read on to learn how much time you should expect to take off from work after facial plastic surgery. Continue reading

Dr. Michael McCracken of McCracken Eye and Face Institute is very excited to be able to offer laser skin resurfacing treatment to patients that want younger looking skin without surgery or extensive downtime.

Using the fractional CO2 laser or Erbium laser, Dr. McCracken can treat numerous skin concerns related to aging and sun damage, including wrinkles, freckles, age spots, laxity, pigmentation problems and uneven tone. Continue reading

Dr. Michael McCracken and the team at McCracken Eye and Face Institute understand that our patients want to look and feel their best. However, the natural effects of the aging process and sun exposure can make a face look sad, angry or fatigued. The brow and forehead area is particularly susceptible to wrinkling and sagging.

Dr. McCracken can perform brow lift, also known as forehead lift, to elevate the brows and restore a youthful, rested appearance to the eyes. When brow lift is performed correctly, the brows sit in a youthful position on the orbital bone above the eye, and the forehead skin is smoothed. Brow lift patients love that they look younger, fresher and more approachable; as a result, many tell us that they feel happier and more confident. Continue reading

A sculpted, well-defined jawline is an attractive feature that projects youth and elegance. Top female runway models like Gisele Bündchen and Cara Delevingne have contoured jawlines and slim faces with virtually no fat underneath the chin. Hollywood’s leading men, like Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Johnny Depp, have stronger, more sculpted jawlines — also with very little fat underneath the chin.

If you have unsightly fat under your chin or a poorly defined jawline, Dr. Michael McCracken can help. Thanks to the revolutionary injectable known as Kybella, he can non-surgically reduce fat and sculpt the jawline. With just a few treatments, you can enjoy a slimmer face, similar to that of your favorite A-list celebrity! Continue reading

Cosmetic injectables like Botox and dermal fillers provide anti-aging results quickly and with little or no downtime. One drawback of injectables is the results are temporary, as the body eventually metabolizes the product. Because of this, patients that want to maintain the effects of treatment benefit from regular appointments.

Here, Dr. Michael McCracken of McCracken Eye and Face Institute explains how often the average Botox or fillers patient schedules treatment. Keep in mind that everyone tolerates these products differently, so there may be some slight variation to the longevity of the results. Also, how often you schedule treatment depends on your personal preference. Continue reading

shutterstock_66773530aAre you bothered by submental fullness — more commonly known as a “double chin?” Dr. Michael McCracken, a facial plastic surgeon serving Denver and Boulder, can help. He offers a few different treatment options to reduce extra fat and create a more defined, attractive chin. In this blog post, he discusses two of the most popular options: Kybella and neck liposuction. Continue reading

Is non-surgical eyelid lift possible?The Internet abounds with do-it-yourself tricks and “life hacks” that promise great results. Think of Pinterest, which is cluttered with “make your own laundry detergent” or “100 ways to use washi tape” links. Cosmetic improvements are no exception — there are websites devoted to reportedly natural, at-home methods of tightening and lifting skin and reducing wrinkles.

Continue reading

Does a brow lift hurt?A brow lift is an incredibly effective way to elevate a sagging brow line into a more youthful-looking position and to diminish the amount of wrinkles on the forehead. Dr. Michael McCracken of McCracken Eye and Face Institute is a trusted brow lift surgeon who receives many inquiries about the procedure. One of the commonly asked questions is, “Does a brow lift hurt?” The short answer is that pain is not usually a problem with brow lift. However, Dr. McCracken delves deeper into the answer in this blog post.   Continue reading

There has been a lot of interest from our patients on the newest filler product from Allergan, Juvedèrm Voluma™.

Juvedèrm Voluma™ is the only filler FDA approved for restoring volume loss in the cheek.

I was truly thrilled when I learned that I was selected as one of two physicians in the area to give Voluma a ‘trial run’ BEFORE the product was available for purchase! I enjoy working with fillers… and this one is well worth the investment. Why do I like Voluma?

What is Voluma?

Voluma provides a long lasting non-surgical alternative in facial rejuvenation.  In addition to restoring a youthful contour to the cheeks, Voluma can also provide some improvement in the nasolabial folds and lower lid bags.  Voluma is a hyaluronic acid filler (like Juvèderm®  and Restylane®) with a great safety profile, and has very minimal if any downtime.  The treatment is done with a very small needle and takes only a few minutes.

Who is a candidate for Voluma?

When I think about patients who could benefit from this product, I think about women (AND men!) who have lost cheek (or mid-face) volume due to the aging process. Over time, some people lose the fullness to their cheek area and, as a result, have a ‘sunken’ appearance that we correlate with an older mid-face profile. For patients seeking facial rejuvenation, Voluma fits a need that has previously been unmet in that results of this nature were usually surgical in approach. Because the product is considered very safe, virtually anyone with volume loss in their cheeks or mid-face is a candidate for Voluma.

How long does Voluma last?

The icing on the ‘Voluma cake’ is the duration of effect…according to the clinical trials, patients can expect the results to last 18-24 months. Quite the bang for your buck!

The results in my practice have been outstanding and patients are very happy with Voluma. Are you interested in learning more about what Voluma can do for you?

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how Voluma treatment may help restore your youthful appearance.